Subject: Problem with PS2 mouse with X on laptop
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andreas Priebe <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/1998 10:10:11
I have the following problem with i386-current on my Panasonic 
CF-61 (pentium MMX) laptop:
When I start X (directly or via xdm) the mouse cursor appears in the 
middle. As soon as I touch the pad the cursor goes to the left margin,
then down and stays there. SOmetimes with a hard move on the pad/or with 
the mouse I can move the cursor temporarily about an inch towards the
middle, but it goes immediatly back to the left margin.

Exactly the same happens if I try it with an external PS/2 mouse.
Choosing PCVT or pccons in the config file makes no difference at all.

So no real work is possible.

I should mention that the same laptop with the same XF86Config works   
fine under (Debian)Linux (just the name of the pointing device is different - 
Netbsd /dev/pms0; Linux /dev/psaux). So my suspicion is that there is
something with the PS/2 mouse driver?

Any ideas?


PS. Is there/will there be any support for PCMCIA Xircom CreditCard CE3B
    (10/100Mbps) on NetBSD?
The box said: "Requires Windows 3.1 or better," so I bought a Macintosh.
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