Subject: Re: TOP Quick Question
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jaromir Dolecek <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/15/1998 11:36:22
Looking at, following should work:

1. download top package contents (pkgsrc/sysutils/top/*) to current
2. make PORTSDIR="$PWD" DISTDIR="$PWD" (or equivalent in your preferred shell)
3. copy top binary from work/top*/ whereever you want

Jaromir wrote:
> Is there a diff list for the sources to TOP that I'm missing? I have a 99%
> full /usr (even with twice the recommended hard drive space I still ran
> out..  DOH!) and installing the pkgsrc would be akin to pulling teeth.
> I downloaded the top source in the distfiles /packages directory in the
> (which seems to be dead right now anyway) and am trying to
> compile it myself. I took out the conditional sys_errlist[] which
> apparently was added for systems that have sys_errlist[] already defined
> in stdio.h after the compiler complained about it, and it compiled
> smoothly. However, when I actualy ran the compiled program, I got:
> root:battle>/local/top-3.5beta6 39 ]./top
> top: cannot read nswap: kvm_read: Bad address
> top: cannot read nswdev: kvm_read: Bad address
> top: cannot read nswapmap: kvm_read: Bad address
> top: cannot read swdevt: kvm_read: Bad address
> top: panic: nswapmap goof
> root:battle>/local/top-3.5beta6 40 ]
> Blah..  I realize that someone recently posted a note asking this same
> question however the response was "use the package system--it works fine."
> I'm the kind of guy who downloads some source and wants to learn the nuts
> and bolts..  I don't want convenience in this case--I'm curious to know
> what's going wrong. I'd be tracing this stuff down myself but I'm not an
> ueber-kernel-hacker (like, say, Jason), and I have no idea what nswap,
> nswdev, nswapmap..  the kvm_* structures.. etc all mean or symbolize.
> (Note to the anonymous emailer who sent me the one-line "read the kernel
> source!" note. Ha ha. Funny guy. I rewrite my netinet routines and that's 
> the extent of my ueber-ish-ness. )
> Thanks for any help anyone may have to offer, from pointers to www
> resources, to diff listings, to step-by-steps, to "hey read the source
> code! hahahaha" (humour content).
> Sincerely,
> Marc Tooley

Jaromir Dolecek <>
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