Subject: Re: dhclient - what's TRT?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/1998 19:13:41
> > I'm trying to run a machine as a DHCP client - what's the
> > right way to do this in NetBSD?
> I added in a call to dhclient just after mounting the "Critical
> Filesystems" in /etc/rc and it seems to work just fine.  There
> should be a nicer way to do this via some rc.conf option, but
> I've been too lazy to create a pretty solution to the problem.

In addition to running dhclient, you also need to create
/etc/dhclient.conf.  I recently "had" to test this, and I found
out that I could get by with an empty dhclient.conf (but it needs
to exist for dhclient to work).  You may want to say

	supersede domain-name "your.dom.ain"

in order to be able to (by default) use short names for hosts in
your own domain.  Note that dhclient will rewrite your resolv.conf
file, so if you have other "precious" items in it you need to figure
out how to preserve them.

- H=E5vard