Subject: Re: Do I have an incosistent supped-source tree or....
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Feico Dillema <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/1998 10:43:51
Your message dated: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 21:04:26 +0100
>Excerpts from netbsd: 10-Feb-98 Do I have an incosistent su..
> (1037*)
>> I can build a kernel now that seems to be
>> pretty ok, except that it refuses to nfs-mount root at boottime. It gives a
>> `findroot: cannot find root' message or something like it, and
>mount-error 49. 
>Did you define at least one of the options
>in your config file?
I don't think so. Those are new? I cannot remember having to enable those
before. In case of upgrade problems, I make a new kernel-config based on
the new GENERIC config file. I may have overlooked, but I think those options
cannot be found there at the moment? Well, I'll check this evening when I'm
behind the machine in question again. I guess the above will solve my problem
(sounds like a very reasonable explanation anyway...)

>> The machine is equipped with a PCI 3COM 3c9000 (? by head...). (Maybe 
>> unrelated, but I have't been able to build a working netboot.rom/com
>for this 
>> card either. It fails to find the PCI-card in EtherInit().).
>3c900-Combo? I've got a number of them, and they are
>booting from ROM without problems. Make sure you have the lines
>#USE_NETIF= 3c590 #handles 3c900 combo and 3c905 TX too
>#CPPFLAGS+= -DPCIROM -DPCI_VID=0x10b7 -DPCI_DID=0x9001 -DPCI_CLASS=0x020000
>uncommented in i386/stand/netboot/Makefile.
There were three of such lines next to each other in the makefile. I've
tried uncommenting one, but that didn't seem to help. Maybe I got the wrong 
one? How do I find out which one is correct? Need to enable PCI_VERBOSE 
in my kernel config ???

>If this doesn't help, find out the PCI device ID of your card,
It's not in my current dmesg output. Would PCI_VERBOSE help? I.e. how do I 
find out?
>add it to the list in i386/stand/lib/netif/3c590.c and change the
>Makefile PCI_DID definition accordingly.

Thanks for all your replies so far, I was getting a bit lost in config-space...