Subject: Re: DNS question
To: Dustin Sallings <>
From: Trouble Free RecepPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/1998 22:55:39
Dustin Sallings sez:
 * 	If you cannot resolve, you cannot resolve anything under
 *  I think you may be a little confused as to what you're looking
 * for.  *sigh* some of us think it's sick to put A records (what you're probably
 * looking for) on domain names:
 *    604784 IN       NS      CYBERNETIX.COM
 *    604784 IN       NS      NBN.NBN.COM
 *    604784 IN       NS      MOON.NBN.COM
 *    604784 IN       NS      DNS.AA.MSEN.COM
 *    604784 IN       MX      100 sneech.idiom.COM
 *    604784 IN       MX      10 idiom.COM
 *    604784 IN       MX      5

1. Those aren't A records.

2. I can resolve just fine (because it's the only
   one advertised; my internal nyetwork is isolated if it ever exists at all)
   from both ends and get justifiably different results.

3. The MX records look fine:
	- I get mail if I'm up;
	- gets it if I'm down;
	- gets it if is down

4. is my main name server.

5.,, starwolf, localhost,, loghost are all defined in my /etc/hosts file.

To recap:

	My problem is that occasionally when I telnet to any of:

My nameserver wants to jump out the door and resolve it externally.

BUT:  nslookup works fine.

Go figure.  I am collecting the responses; if I figure anything
out I will let people know lest they be in a similar situation.

Thanks to everyone for their help, and sorry to hit the list like this
but this (and port-sparc) are the only lists I regularly read, and I
just don't jump into news much anymore, and it seemed the friendliest
group of people to ask, so I did.  I'm not disappointed in the replies
I saw, though I was a bit surprised to see the comment about "file lookup
bind" (please, please give me some credit -- I'm not the DNS newbie that
that person thought me to be.  I set my own nameserver up without too much
incident, really -- it worked pretty much from the word GO).

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