Subject: Re: how to config X Server to true color
To: c5666305 <>
From: Brett Lymn <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1998 16:20:21
According to c5666305:
>I recently try out the GLX program specified in the OpenGL Book.  However
>I am not able to run the test as I don't know how to set the X server to
>true. My system is i386 (1.3b) and the video display card is Mach64 
>with 2M Ram.  I had tried to edit the XF86Config with no success.  Can 
>anyone show me the steps to setup the X Server to use true color ? Thanks.

You need to set your bits-per-pixel (bpp).  You need to have the
correct stuff in your XF86Config.  If you use the xf86config then you
should have had the various pixel depths created for you.  To start
the XFree server in a different pixel depth you need to use the -bpp
command line option.  I would guess that you would need "-bpp 24" to
get "true colour" but with a 2Meg card your choices of display
resolutions will be quite limited and you will probably find the speed
will be much much slower.

>P.S. If this is an already answered question, please tell me where can I
>get the answer.

Having a surf around <> could be benificial
since this is not really a -current problem.

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