Subject: Re: 4 port ethernet cards
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/28/1998 14:29:17
Thus spake Matt Thomas
> At 10:51 AM 1/28/98 , D'Arcy J.M. Cain wrote:
> >Has anyone got the 4 port ethernet cards to work with NetBSD?  I tried
> >the Znyx one ( and while it recognized
> >all the ports, I couldn't seem to make it communicate with anything.
> >I noticed that there was an OACTIVE flag set.  Perhaps it is sensing
> >(or not sensing) something that makes it not work.  Does the fact that
> >it shares an interrupt between 4 de devices confuse it?
> Which 346 is it?  (there are a couple)

Not sure.  It is a full length card (the first full length PCI card I
have seen) and has it's link lights on the board itself where it can't
be seen.  I was told that it is a 314 (I no longer have the card) but
I can't find that one on the web page.

> >Note that this works under FreeBSD transparently - a fact that my
> >friends are only too happy to remind me of.
> It should work.  If it's stuck in OACTIVE it's probably doing media
> detection.

I specifically put "media 10baseT/UTP" on the ifconfig command line.
I have had problems with autosensing before.

I wonder about something else.  The guy setting this up did something
funny.  At the time we had an extra hub but no twisted cables.  He
hooked up things so that connections were made by going out one port,
through the hub to one gateway and out a second port, through the same
hub to a second device.  He assured me that he had done this before
and that it worked fine.  It occurs to me that he didn't say that he
had done this with a combo ethernet card.  I don't know about media
detection as I am sure the physical interfaces are separate but I
can imagine it having other problems, possibly collision detection,
for example.  Any ethernet gurus out there have any comments on that?

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