Subject: Re: -current kernel compile error and fix
To: Mason Loring Bliss <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/1998 13:11:47
Mason Loring Bliss wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 22, 1998 at 04:47:10PM -0800, Space Case wrote:
> > How about, did you actually do a config on your kernel after rebuilding
> > config?
> Yeah - it ended up being naught but a missing "include" directive. I
> actually deleted the compile directory, so that it would have as fresh
> a start as is possible. (Um... Before I started compiling, that is. I
> didn't wipe it out for that one include! Heh.)
> Someone said that the fix had been popped into the official sources, so
> I guess it's a non-issue now, although my last sup didn't overwrite the
> changes I'd made... I need to look at how sup works, I guess.

Look at the modification date on the file...are you sure it didn't update
the file?  (It could be that your change was identical to the source
> Oh. Wait. While I've got your ear... I *hate* having PID_MAX set to a
> five-digit number. Is there any way I can change it from my config file?
> Or must I actually edit it from within /sys/sys/proc.h? Just curious. It
> would be far more convenient to have that be modifiable from within the
> config file.
> If there isn't a workable method now, how can I submit changes to the
> official source? Something like this, applied to /sys/sys/proc/h:
> 254a255
> > #ifndef       PID_MAX
> 256a258,260
> > #else
> > #define       NO_PID          (PID_MAX) + 1
> > #endif

Just send in a PR (using send-pr or the web page on to
request the above change, and include a context diff of the files involved
(i.e. 'diff -c proc.h.ol proc.h').
> Also, I've got a couple drive quirks that should make it into the source.
> I'd love to submit both this and those... (Well... There's one quirk that
> needs to be re-confirmed, so I've actually only got two quirks to submit.)

Make it a separate PR for this one.  I'm pretty that there is an
enhancement or change request category for a PR.

> Thanks in advance for the pointers!

I hope this helps.


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