Subject: Re: NetBSD Web Site!
To: Julian Coleman <>
From: Eric Haszlakiewicz <haszlaki@UAccess.NET>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/1998 02:16:50
> Yes, agreed.  Is it necessary to be able direct to go to every sub-section
> from every page?  You could get rid of the table down the left hand side
> and just put the section links across the top and bottom (both is nice, as
> it is often a long way from top to bottom in Lynx).  Something like :
>   Introduction  Distribution  Support  MetaInfo  Third Parties  NetBSD Events
	hmm... Some of those subsection could also use some work.  (e.g.
docuemntation should inclue somewhere.  Or something
should link to there.  Anyway, documentation seems big enough to be its
own major section)
	The web page seems (to me at least) to be a little bit non-intuitive.
Not exactly sure how.  Maybe if the major sections as they look on the
web page were reflected in their location (e.g. url), so if I was looking
for some basic info it wouldn't be a little bit in /Misc, a little bit
in /Goals, etc...
	It also seems non-engaging.  I suppose what I think would be
ideal is a web page which has link to several main info areas,
(Documentation, Support, Events, etc... pretty much what's there) but
there ought to be a large portion of the home page devoted to things
that someone who had never been there could easily recognize.  For instance,
how about a nice big link to "How to install NetBSD"?  Perhaps a
paragraph or two and some pointers to whats currently happening in NetBSD,
and what makes the recent release so great.
	The current web page seems to do great if you know what your
looking for, but if you're wandering around looking for something 
interesting it doesn't fly quite as well.

> > "More colorful" is right.      <snip>          Almost unreadable.
> On the other hand, it looks marginally better than the original wih Chimera.
> Seeing as that doesn't have coloured text/background images, I can't comment!
	I just took a look at it.  Seems ok to me.  Must have been some
changes made.  Assuming the content was the same, I'd much rather be
looking at a pretty web page than just a plain one.  (esp going along the
lines of being more engaging)


(p.s. a standard major section jump bar on every page seems like a plus)