Subject: Re: NetBSD Web Site!
To: Matt Chapman <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/1998 16:56:35
Matt Chapman writes:
> > "More colorful" is right.  On the left, using Netscape, I see blue links
> > on a yellowish with brown flecks background.  Almost unreadable.  Can
> > we get rid of the background (or change it to something that contrasts
> > well with the text/link colors)?
> > 
> The background is actually yellow with grey fader on the left and right
> margin I am not sure what res. you are at so you may be seeing flecks for
> that reason.  I had done it originally with a flat yellow which looked
> better for any res., what do you think?  

i don't believe that the home page (or any of the pages for that matter)
should have background colours set; in most cases the use of background
colours (and superfluous use of color for other items) detracts from the
primary purpose of the page - delivering information to our customers...

professional web designers with background in typesetting, page layout
and graphics design usually agree with my sentiments.

as others have said, the usuability in lynx and ``non standard'' www
browsers has to be taken into consideration. unnecessary use of graphics
as separators or text boxes, excessive frames, too high expiry (to foil
www caches), etc, are all Bad Things and should be avoided...

ps: i've up my graphical browser (netscape 3.04 in this case) to
ignore document colours and display everything as green text on black;
i got sick of not being able to read a page because somebody thought
it was ``cool'' to have a funky background image.