Subject: Re: NetBSD Web Site!
To: David Jones <>
From: Matt Chapman <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/1998 23:22:26
On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, David Jones wrote:

> Matt Chapman wrote:
> | I have taken the links from the netbsd website and made a mock
> | up of a lynx friendly non-frame more colorful site.  A lot of the links
> | and inline images (under the mailing list subscription page) are not there
> | but most of the site has been changed (the layout, not content).  
> The color logo is an improvement.  But things go downhill from there.
> I think the original site's layout looked better in Lynx 2.7.  It was
> nicely spaced on the screen.  The new layout is crowded.  Also, with Lynx,
> your navigation bar occupies the entire first page of each screen, so
> the user must page down to see the content.

I do agree it looked better in lynx before, the first page thing is due to
the use of ssi for the menu and logo with tables.  I run lynx myself so I
actually was aware of it and expected a comment on that. <g>
Also, as it is now it is a bit crowded on the left menu due to the amount
of content. But as a trade off you get to have one click access to any
page as if you were on the first, as opposed to the netbsd  site that
leaves you to a back button everywhere you go.  I guess I am trying to
make the site more attractive and easy to navigate... but I can simply
make a side bar that has only the Intro,distri,support,metainfo,third,etc
as links and on a page that each of those would goto would have the links
from it that would eliminate the clutter but lose some of the menu ...?

> "More colorful" is right.  On the left, using Netscape, I see blue links
> on a yellowish with brown flecks background.  Almost unreadable.  Can
> we get rid of the background (or change it to something that contrasts
> well with the text/link colors)?
The background is actually yellow with grey fader on the left and right
margin I am not sure what res. you are at so you may be seeing flecks for
that reason.  I had done it originally with a flat yellow which looked
better for any res., what do you think?  

 > On a more general note, if you don't have Lynx handy, you
can simulate > it to a certain extent: