Subject: Re: NetBSD Web Site!
To: Matt Chapman <>
From: David Jones <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/1998 23:05:28
Matt Chapman wrote:
| I have taken the links from the netbsd website and made a mock
| up of a lynx friendly non-frame more colorful site.  A lot of the links
| and inline images (under the mailing list subscription page) are not there
| but most of the site has been changed (the layout, not content).  

The color logo is an improvement.  But things go downhill from there.

I think the original site's layout looked better in Lynx 2.7.  It was
nicely spaced on the screen.  The new layout is crowded.  Also, with Lynx,
your navigation bar occupies the entire first page of each screen, so
the user must page down to see the content.

"More colorful" is right.  On the left, using Netscape, I see blue links
on a yellowish with brown flecks background.  Almost unreadable.  Can
we get rid of the background (or change it to something that contrasts
well with the text/link colors)?

On a more general note, if you don't have Lynx handy, you can simulate
it to a certain extent: