Subject: Re: A positive comment about 1.3 Sysinst
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/1998 18:46:47
>Three things:

>1)  Thanks for the help and support on getting something that works
>reasonably well.  It is an excellent start and something that makes the
>system far easier to install.

thanks again.

>2)  IMHO - We could really stand having sysinst worked as a separate product
>line instead of tying it to a version release for the OS.  Now that we
>have a working 1.3, wouldn't it make sense to get sysinst working with
>1.3 and release a new "version of the week":, updating the program as we go?
>If that was the plan, the obviously this is a "Never Mind".

Well, that's more or less how the developers were testing it.  Or did
you mean a `NetBSD release of the week' with full release sets etc?

>3)  I have yet to actually have sysinst work with a SCSI drive and a
>1542 SCSI card.  I've tried two different machine and ended up
>installing both by hand to get them so they could boot.  On both,
>sysinst points the boot to the wrong place on the drive for the
>system startup.

Hm.  I'd guess might be due to the bogus geometry which the 1542
reports via the BIOS. That's _not_ the same as the standard "fake"
geometry (64 heads, 32 sectors) used by sd.c.  Did you get a

	; using fictitious geometry

message when booting the install media?