Subject: Re: questions about PINT
To: Brad Walker <>
From: Feico Dillema <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/1998 14:03:23
Your message dated: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 02:39:58 PST
>I'm looking for an implementation of PINT scsi s/w for NetBSD and/or
>Solaris. Can someone please provide me with some info. I've been
>unable to find it using the web, which I thought was unusual..

I've have scanned the Net too, to find pointers and info about PINT.
The PINT www-pages seem long gone. I found a pretty well hidden ftp-
site with PINT sources and stuff. Found only NetBSD-support there
for NetBSD-1.0 or something like that. By looking at the NetBSD-source
tree, pint-0.4 seems to be integrated into it (most of it at least).
I found a pint-0.5d version on the Net, however for NetBSD it hardly
supports more then pint-0.4. For AIX and SunOS/Solaris it seems to have
support for more types of scanners. If you want, I can try looking
up the url to this ftp-site. I still might have it lying around 
somewhere (I believe it was one of the MIT ftp-sites).

I was thinking of adding support for Ricoh-scanners in NetBSD, but 
currently am wondering whether that's a smart idea. I have no 
kernel-hacking experience and without some support of the authors of
PINT, I expect severe difficulties in pulling that of. I'm going
to look at SANE now, which seems a far  more active project. Maybe
that's a good place to start for you too...