Subject: Re: NetBSD bike ride, anyone?
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1998 02:51:32
On Sat, 17 Jan 1998 00:47:04 -0500 
 Ken Hornstein <> wrote:

What a fantastic idea!  The first major ride I did was a double-century
(Seattle to Portland ... ok, only 198 miles, but close enough :-)  I had
a terrific time, and have ridden three centuries since ... The date even
leaves me enough time to get back into spending that much time on my bike
(the double took me 15 1/2 hours... that is a LONG time to spend sitting on
a bike seat :-)

Kind of a bummer that it's flat... when I ride long rides, I slap slicks
on my mountain bike... a little heavy, but I have a 22-tooth inner chainring,
and I will whoop any roadie's butt up a hill :-)

I'd better start back with my weekly "3rd street to the Headlands" ride,
so as to get back in shape... (any Bay Area locals want to train?  riding
across the Gate is a fantastic way to spend a Sunday :-)

...and "Team NetBSD" jerseys is a great idea, too... the jerseys would
cost between $40 and $60 each (the higher end if you want CoolMax, but
that probably won't be necessary in Maryland in October :-), and the
printing would be reasonable... heck, I think even REI will print jerseys
for small bike teams, etc.

 > So, along this vein, I am "testing the waters" to see if there is any
 > interest in a group of NetBSD people doing a Century bike ride this
 > year.  Specifically, I am thinking about the Sea Gull Century in
 > Salisbury, MD (
 > I went on this century last year with a friend, and I had a great
 > time.  It's on the eastern shore of Maryland, _very_ flat, and
 > extremely well organized.  I believe there were approximately
 > 6000 cyclists at last year's ride.  It's a non-competitive ride;
 > you can ride at your own pace.  There are rest stops every 20
 > miles.  It took me 10 hours to do the whole ride (including rest
 > stops)
 > I know that (at least to me!) 100 miles is pretty far on a bike, but
 > those of you that have met me know that I don't exactly have the
 > "Greg LeMond physique", but I was able to finish the century.  If
 > you're not up to 100 miles, you can do a metric century (100 km, 63 miles)
 > instead; there is a short cut at the appropriate point.  And if you
 > totally give up, there are plenty of sag wagons to take you to
 > the finish point.
 > Unfortunately there isn't much info yet on the Sea Gull Century
 > web page, but things I do know is that it's October 3rd, registration
 > will probably be $25-$35, and the deadline is usually in June.
 > Since I _think_ I'm one of the closer people to this area, I'd be
 > willing to be the organizer/contact point if we wanted to do things
 > like get a block of rooms at a hotel.  And we got enough interest,
 > we could something _really_ geeky like get matching "Team NetBSD"
 > jerseys for the ride :-) (I saw "Team Lard Butt" last year).
 > Note that I am suggesting the Sea Gull Century because it's close
 > to me and I know I can do it :-)  If anyone has other suggestions
 > for a NetBSD bike ride, I'd love to hear them.  And if anyone has
 > any _other_ suggestions for NetBSD events, I'd love to hear them
 > as well!  Although I suspect current-users is _not_ the place for
 > an extended discussion about this ....
 > --Ken

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