Subject: Re: rc, netstart and ppp
To: Shelby Noonan <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/10/1998 19:44:08
   Am I missing something or is it not possable for the default rc and
   netstart files to use pppd.   the /usr fs is mounted AFTER netstart tries
   to run /usr/sbin/pppd.  Am I supposed to move netstart to after the
   mounting of critical fs's ?  But then what if I nfs mount /usr from
   another machine! (local net obviously).

this is a known problem (see PR 4744).  i did not see it because my
/usr is actually part of /, and so /usr/sbin/pppd *is* available to
my netstart, and thus it just 'worked' for me.

however, there are other problems in addition to this one.  for now,
you may as well run pppd from /etc/rc.local.