Subject: Re: Linux support for mremap syscall
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/1998 10:40:51
On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Frank van der Linden wrote:

> > I'm in the progress of trying to get Linux Quake2 to run properly under
> > NetBSD and it is currently failing because the mremap syscall isn't
> > implemented yet under NetBSD (linux_sys_remap in
> > sys/compat/linux/linux_misc.c).  From first impressions, I wouldn't think
> > it should be too hard to implement remapping, but I really don't know much
> > about this sort of thing, so maybe I'm missing something.
> There is a PR about this which suggests that mremap() is currently only
> called from libc in Linux, and that adding a syscall stub returning EINVAL
> will just make this case work. That might do it for you too.

Actually, that patch was allready comitted.  Looking at the ktrace, I just
assumed that is where the problem lied, but if the linux libc should work
properly with mremap failing, then maybe thats not the problem at all.
Quake2 does use mmapped audio, so maybe quake2 is calling the mremap

Thanks, I'll keep looking.

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