Subject: Re: xsrc and X11R6 settings
To: None <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/29/1997 12:00:45
Eric Delcamp wrote:
> I have downloaded xsrc from and build the X11R6 distribution.
> I have one or two things to say :
> -1- Ok, Ok, it's nearly impossible but the process to build X11 do not follow
>   the standard process of others NetBSD package (make depend && make && 
>   make install). Missing also a README on root (/usr/xsrc) to give informations
>   on differences with the 'standard' XFree distributions, and where to begin
>   to start configuration.

I think the setup we currently have is pretty much vanilla XFree with only
a few changes to make it a little more machine-independent.  As for the
README, take a look at xsrc/xc/INSTALL.TXT.  This has the instructions
you're looking for (although I'll admit it might be nice to have a pointer
at the top level).

Remember that this is X, tho, so you'll have to add an 'xmkmf' to the
normal process (unless you follow the instructions...)
> -2- Maybe something is broken in XKB, can't get my national keymap. All was
>   right with a standard XFree distribution. I need to investigate.

Don't know about this one.

> -3- When building the Amiga CC server, compilation break. Need to confirm.
>   (could take some time, because make erase all previous *.o files and my
>   68030 take days to compile the stuff).

Instead of doing a "make World", do an "make Everything".  This will redo
all the makefiles and dependencies, but it shouldn't recompile all the
objects.  I managed to cut down compile time on my 68040-based Mac quite
considerably this way.

> -4- I think that "PCVT_SUPPORT" and "SYSCONS_SUPPORT" are defined by default
>   in xf86site.def. Only need PCCONS_SUPPORT.

Don't know about this one, either.

> In a general manner, I think that the build process is too much different. We
> need to make it more BSD-like (but that will make lots of changes).

Well, once again, I've got to say X is X, which is a somewhat different
beast than the rest of the OS.  Of course, I'm not responsible for the X
distribution, so I have no idea what the maintainers might be thinking of
doing with it...

I hope this helps a little.


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