Subject: Re: perhaps that's where the spammers got the NetBSD list
To: John F. Woods <>
From: [This is my bacque pas, this is my faux pas] <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/03/1997 22:37:40
"John F. Woods" sez:
 * If I recall correctly, some time ago someone complained about receiving
 * spam at an address used only for sending email to netbsd lists.  I just
 * received the message below, indicating that sure enough, someone is
 * gatewaying a local newsgroup version of the mailing list onto DejaNews,
 * apparently from  greywolf's mail seems to come through
 * (so I take it he's one of the people discussed recently who
 * isn't actually on the mailing list for various reasons and thus
 * couldn't post to current-users etc. if it were subscribers only), so I
 * take it that isn't just doing this on behalf of spammers, but
 * perhaps they could be gently persuaded not to publish the netbsd
 * "groups".

Indeed my mail does come through, as they're my ISP.  I
find them to suit my needs rather nicely, and I have no complaints
about their service; that they seem to gateway SPAM is a concern to
me, and I have forwarded this message to its site administrator (if'n
ya don't mind).

I don't seem to have a problem posting to current-users, and I do appear
to be on the current-users list, since I'm getting current-users mail
[ in fact, I should be on current-users and port-sparc and one other;
  I seem to recall unsubscribing to port-i386, although it doesn't
  seem to have taken effect yet.]

Thanks for bringing this up.

 * ------- Forwarded Message [deleted]

When will people learn how to think!??  I long for the day to come when
software is purchased on the basis of technical merit and usefulness and not
on the basis of marketing bullsh*t.  And when is intelligence going to become
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