Subject: Comments on new install procedure
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: David Jones <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/30/1997 14:18:29
I tried the new install procedure yesterday.

It would be nice if sysinstall had more support for partitioning dual-boot
Windows/NetBSD disks - you need to futz with fdisk on both W95 and NetBSD
to get it working, and you can't do it at all from inside the install program.

All went well until I got to the install files part.  I elected to install
over NFS.  After entering the parameters, the system proceeded to install.
Well, not exactly.  It flashed some error messages up briefly, then indicated
that all filesets were installed.  I think it was looking for *.gz files,
and I had *.[ab][a-z].  In any case, your only recourse at that point was
to retry the install from scratch, re-newfs'ing, the whole bit.

I'd rather see:
- Better diagnostics.  Can you see anything with NFS at all (meaning that
  the exact file you're looking for is missing) or not (meaning server
  is not exporting the filesets.)  If something is wrong, give the user
  a chance to correct it.

- Examples of paths.  "Enter path to install from" can be answered with any of:


  The penalty for a wrong answer should not be "start over".

In the end, since I didn't know what it was looking for, I resorted to the
tried-and-true Set_tmp_dir/Extract system, which is hokey, but it worked
the first time.