Subject: Re: procmail (was: Re: Mass-Mailings [...])
To: None <,>
From: Lars-Johan Liman <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/28/1997 13:02:28
> Just a hint from me: procmail has been in the package-system for a very
> short time. It compiled at once and works without problems for weeks now.
> So it should be easy to get the FreeBSD-port back.

Be careful if you do it on a sparc, though. I tried procmail-3.10 on
NetBSD 1.2/sparc, and it gave me very strange behaviour. It would die
without notice (dropping my mail!) under certain conditions. I traced
it to a loop in mailfold.c which consists of a switch statement in
which there was a goto out of the loop, and the "default" statement
was not the last one. There is nothing really _illegal_ with the
construct, but my guess is that gcc/sparc got lost somewhere in the
hairyness. I found that one place, but I don't know how many others
there are in that code, and my mail is more important to me than
that ... :-/ Bottom line: test it very carefully.

If there is enough interest, I could try do dig deeper into this, or
at least provide you with a case that fails.

Haven't seen the problem on NetBSD 1.2.1/i386, though ...

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