Subject: Re: NetBSD 1.3 delay
To: David Wetzel <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/25/1997 18:02:27
On 11/25/97 at 5:06 PM +0100, you wrote:

> Is there a binary (i386) snap that is newer than 1.2G? I have promised the
> people who poll at my site that the 'i' protocol errors will disapear
> the 1st of Dec...

I'm using 1.3_ALPHA/mac68k, and I don't use 'i', but other than that...

I run 't', 'f', and 'g' protocols daily with Taylor uucp 1.06.1, both via
TCP and modem. Is it possible that one of these would work for you? I don't
believe I've tried 'i', but I don't know of a package that doesn't support
'g', and most support 'f'. Between the two, you'd ought to be able to get
reliable transfers going. Under adverse conditions, using 'g' with small
windows and lots of error tolerance ought to work. What problems are you
having, in particular?

One thing to consider is grabbing a copy of the latest Taylor UUCP and
compiling it yourself. That's what I did, anyway, to avoid confusion, and
to make sure I was totally up to date. I'm not sure what the version
included in 1.3_ALPHA is.

Anyway, good luck!

Mason Loring
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