Subject: Re: Strange problem with Ultrastore 34F
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/25/1997 03:51:32
I had the same "unable to get size" problems a while back.  Turned out it
was linked against an older version of some library.  Re-linking amanda 
took care of it.

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Dave Burgess wrote:

> I can't tell if this is a driver problem, or a hardware problem.
> 1)  Things attached to the SCSI bus don't seem to always work correctly.
> 	a)  The tape drive has decided to not back up any files under a
> 	version of Amanda that has worked flawlessly for almost six
> 	months.  The error on the system log is one about "unable to get
> 	size".  It's almost like an ioctl went away during the
> 	ATAPI/SCSI combination.
> 	b)  The CD-R will not write a CD - I can get into specifics
> 	later, but right now, the problem is the ASC/ASCQ set is
> 	0x89/0x00.  I've sent an E-Mail to Sony to get this vendor
> 	specific ASC, but the drive and 'cdrecord' are reported to work
> 	together in 1.2.  
> 	c)  The 'parent' directory or the 'current' directory will
> 	sometimes disappear.  Using 'cd' to change to a known directory
> 	will work, after which point the problem is not reproducable.
> 	This only happens on sd0.  None of the IDE drives ever exhibit
> 	this behavior.
> 	d)  Some of my CD-ROM drives will just disappear.  They will
> 	probe OK, but once I try to access them, either the files on the
> 	drive aren't there, or the drive will suddenly stop working and
> 	the mount point will become a 'regular file'.  After I reboot,
> 	they might work fine the next couple of times.
> 2)  The latest kernel will not recognize the 'uha' card when a kernel
> from a week ago will.  I deleted the libraries and the destination
> directory for the kernel build, and it doesn't help.  Even COLD booting
> the system (which would work if the card were in an 'indeterminate state'
> yielded nothing.
> 3)  I've not been able to get a 'known working' Adaptec 1542 to work in
> the machine in several weeks.  I tried to get it working the other
> night, but it fails the probe for the drives.
> I've checked termination on the SCSI chain, and tried reducing the drive
> count (from 6 to 3) to see if the SCSI bus was overloaded.  Neither of
> those yielded any positive results.  I only have the one Ultrastor, or
> I'd try replacing that.
> I have SCSI verbose turned on, but I have yet to be able to figure out
> any more from the output than I knew before.
> Any suggestions???
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