Subject: Re: Weird hang on pentium-133 running 1.3_ALPHA
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/21/1997 11:34:42
> > Sure, if the warning isn't too noisy. A message to syslog
> > would do fine.  There are some configurations for which
> > running without swap is appropriate.
> I agree. Perhaps something that could be disabled from /etc/rc.conf?

Another option is to tweak swapctl so that if you give it -A so
that it reads fstab and adds all marked-as-swap entries, and it
doesn't find any swap entries in fstab, swapctl could complain?

That way you would get the warning when /etc/rc is run, not at
the moment when you run out of memory (at which time producing an
error message can be messy).

- H=E5vard