Subject: Re: Broken Pipe
To: Rick Byers <>
From: S.P.Zeidler <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/18/1997 00:14:31

>We had similar errors with nntpd.  I assume it's caused by the client
>disconnecting while fetching news, something that probably happens on a
>regular basis.  If thats the case, I don't think it's anything to worry
>about (I'm not sure why they would even log that)...

Not quite. The newsserver "jupiter" complains that as server process 
while receiving news ("innd:") the connection to the feed site 
"" on channel "24" failed because of a broken pipe. 
Server-server connections are assumed to be stable even if they aren't 
always. Jupiter may have lost news from because of this.

>On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Tom T. Thai wrote:
>> I've noticed this message in /var/log/messages:
>> Nov 17 01:05:38 jupiter innd: cant write Broken pipe
>> anyone know if this is something I should be concern about?

-- (S.P.Zeidler)