Subject: Re: HELP ON 1.3 BOOT (fwd)
To: Colin Wood <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/16/1997 17:20:55
> >>Basically, you need to boot into single-user and edit the file
> >>/etc/rc.conf so that the line that currently says:
> >>rc_configured=NO
> >>says
> >>rc_configured=YES
> ...
> I'd definitely consider this a bug, not a cute new feature.
> Forcing a user (in particular if (s)he is new to netbsd) to fiddle
> with files while in single user mode, without giving any instructions
> on what to do, is ridiculous.

And you don't find booting a machine without a hostname, an IP
adddress, or any of the other things we tend to take for granted
on a machine running in multi-user mode `ridiculous'?

The install program, if it's not rewriting /etc/rc.conf with the
hostname and all of that, is quite correct in not setting rc_configured
to `yes'.

> IIRC, "RC_CONFIGURED" was introduced to increase security, i.e. to avoid
> letting the machine boot in multi-user in an insecure setup.

No. It was added to keep a machine from booting without being
configured. (I was the one who added this.)


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