Subject: IPFilter on NetBSD-1.2 Amiga 3000?
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <tooleym@Douglas.BC.CA>
List: current-users
Date: 11/14/1997 13:20:54
Hello. I would like to install a form of packet filtering to keep out ICMP
messages, turn off ICMP_Echo , and disallow connections on certain tcp and
udp ports. I installed and compiled ipfilter, installed the kernel patches
for LKM ipfilter support and recompiled my kernel with the IPFILTER/etc
options enabled (along with bpf) and did the entire installation process.

I have NetBSD-1.2, however since the ipf package doesn't support the
architecture using the supplied 1.2 patches (remember I'm on an Amiga) I had
to resort to the pre-1.2 patches. This seemed to work and no error messages
were generated during the compile/install process.

Now I have the following problem:

modload if_ipl.o

can't reserve memory: operation not permitted.

Then I kick myself for not compiling the kernel to use multi-user LKM

So I boot down to single-user mode and try again, but it still refuses to
load the module, telling me that:

cdevsw: no free devices (or something)
Then I get an error message again, and when I modstat, of course, nothing
has been added to the kernel.

Has anyone else been successful in installing ipfilter on an Amiga
NetBSD-1.2 machine?

Could you respond to this list or:

I've looked in the Networking-FAQ and the other FAQs, but the only mention
is : Is there software available for building a firewall? A: Yes, ipfilter.

Ya. Great help. :)