Subject: Re: Possible (but Evil) work-around for Pentium bug?
To: None <>
From: alanp <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/12/1997 13:30:55
> From: "Michael K. Sanders" <>
> In message <v03110700b08fc1cbd023@[]>, "Erik E. Fair" writes:
> >I got the following today, which hints at a work-around with unacceptable
> >performance loss: turning off the L1 cache.
> SCO's fix implies that it's possible to fix with a microcode upgrade,
> done via software.
> >From <URL:>:
> ----------------------------------------
> Dear SCO Customer,
> The enclosed Support Level Supplement (SLS) PTF3343, the Intel Pentium
> Pro and Pentium II Microcode Driver, provides Intel P6 microcode fixes.
> Some models and steppings of the Intel Pentium Pro processor and the
> Intel Pentium II processor may, in some circumstances, depart from
> their specifications.  Some of these issues can be resolved by
> updating the microcode of the processor at system startup.  SLS
> PTF3343 installs updates from the Intel Corporation to do that.

I believe that this is a different Pentium bug.  The F0 bug
does not affect the Pentium Pro and Pentium II.