Subject: Re: N. logo doesn't have to be cute ?
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/10/1997 00:25:45
In my CD-ROM copy of the OED (2nd. Ed.), "daemon" simply says "see demon",
and "demon" says:

1. a. In ancient Greek mythology (=
<gk><delta><alpha><mu><omega><nu></gk>): A supernatural being of a nature
intermediate between that of gods and men; an inferior divinity, spirit,
genius (including the souls or ghosts of deceased persons, esp. deified
heroes). Often written d<ae>mon for distinction from sense

b. Sometimes, particularly, An attendant, ministering, or indwelling
spirit; a genius.

2. An evil spirit.
a. (Representing <gk><delta><alpha><iota><mu><nu><iota><omicron><nu></gk>
of the LXX and N.T. (rarely <gk><delta><alpha><mu><omega><nu></gk>); in
Vulgate d<ae>monium, d<ae>mon). Applied to the idols or gods of the
heathen, and to the <oq>evil<cq> or <oq>unclean spirits<cq> by which
demoniacs were possessed or actuated.

b. In general current use: An evil spirit; a malignant being of superhuman
nature; a devil.

c. Applied to a person (animal or agency personified), of malignant, cruel,
terrible, or destructive nature, or of hideous appearance. (Cf. devil.)

d. fig. An evil passion or agency personified. spec. an alcoholic drink.
Also attrib.

e. Applied to a being of superhuman or <oq>diabolical<cq> energy, skill,
etc. (cf. 3 a spec.); also to an action, etc.

f. Cards. (Also Demon Patience.) A simple, one-pack patience game, which
rarely comes out. Also Racing Demon, Demon adapted for several players,
each with his own pack, but played in competition.