Subject: None
To: maximum entropy <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 11/06/1997 23:56:14
maximum entropy <> writes:


>This isn't a matter of "semantics".  This specific problem is with
> and *not* the kernel.  It seems to be more or less the same as
>the problem that forced the decision to back out libc.13, reduced to
>the window of time while libc and userland are out of synch.

>>From: Simon Burge <>
>>       telnetd: undefined symbol: '__stat13' 12

>[54]entropy@ubik:/usr/libexec $ strings | grep 'undefined symbol'
>%s: undefined symbol: '%s' %x

But there *is* a problem with the kernel.  If Simon rebooted
single-user, nuked his and reran ldconfig, he should get
rid of the `undefined symbol' problem.

But when he goes multi-user, or even tries to run a dynamically-linked
program from /usr while single-user, the shared libs are going to try
and make the new syscalls. If I've understood Simon's message, those
syscalls are not in the old kernel on Mona.

And if he reboots as I've suggested, I think you'll find he *will* fix
up the problem with the stale

>Please stop correcting me when I'm right :-)

I do know how *that* irks.  But I still think my point is valid.
Maybe we're *both* right -- i haven't duplicated this particular setup
-- but I think the problem I see is causally deeper than yours.

I could send you a newer source tree, if you have time to try
and get it to work.  It's never worked for me, it just coredumps...