Subject: Re: Problems with 1.3-ALPHA (fwd)
To: Rob Deker <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/06/1997 17:24:03
On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Patrick Welche wrote:
> Try -A rather than -a, or explicitly
> mount /dev/sd0a /

And Rob Decker responded that it didn't work.

Well,  that would only work if sd0 is the disk that holds the kernel.  As
I recall the original post, Rob was trying to boot off of an external
drive which most likely isn't the first (lowest) SCSI address.

NetBSD assigns the "n" in "sdnx" starting at 0 for the first, lowest SCSI
address disk that is found.  The next lowest disk is sd1x, etc.  Tape
drives, CD-ROM drives, and scanners (and maybe SCSI Ethernet controllers)
are independantly numbered, so for example a tape drive at SCSI address 3
will be st0x if it is the lowest address SCSI tape drive, regardless of
whether there are other non-tape devices at lower addresses.

So, Rob, figure out what drive you need to reach, and then figure out what
its n is.  Then try

	mount -u /dev/sdna /

replacing n in sdna with the proper unit number.

Good luck.

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