Subject: SVR4 experimental snapshot available, with ptys!
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/05/1997 14:26:31
I've created a repository for the experimental updates I've made to the
compat_svr4 subsystem at:

The .README file in that directory describes it, and here's a synopsis of
the things I've changed from the files as they stand in the 1.3_ALPHA tree:

- fixed ulimit(), memcntl() [Nov 2-4]
- added F_FREESP fcntl [Nov 3]
- fixed stat and mknod syscalls to properly disassemble and reassemble
  dev_t values to/from emulation dev_t's [Nov 5]
- added pty (ptmx) subsystem at svr4net minor number 10 -- /dev/ptmx [Nov 5]
- implemented fork1() as fork() (should change if and when streams get
  added to the system) [Nov 5]
- fixed spellings in disclaimer in svr4_net.c; it looks like someone went
  and did a s/nd/st/g on the whole file... yuck [Nov 5]

I haven't completely verified the pty subsystem yet 'cause I'm not at home
to run Solaris xterm, but the API interface seems to work properly.  I'll
keep y'all updated. 

If you want to use this snapshot, you will need to re-run the SVR4_MAKEDEV
script as described in compat_svr4(8) to get the /dev/ptmx device.  (If you
want to see what an ugly hack ptmx turned out to be, look at svr4_net.c.  ;)

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