Subject: Re: i386: ethernet problems with 1.3_ALPHA boot image?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/05/1997 18:04:41
> Additional clue: ever time I run ping I always get:
> ping: failed to clear cached route: network is unreachable
> ed2: device timeout

The first one is probably caused by your failure to ifconfig
lo0.  Do "ifconfig lo0 inet" and that error message
should go away (I hope).

The second error is probably caused by a more "real" problem.

Things to try (from own experience):

 o Experiment with the setting of the "link0" or "-link0"
   ifconfig flags.  I can't easily see from reading the driver
   source (or the man page, for that matter) which setting you
   need to use for the different media types.  I do however know
   that I need "-link0" for using 10baseT on my machine.

 o If your ethernet interface is "acting up" on you, you can try
   to rerun the soft configuration utility.  Go to SMCs ftp
   server at and get
   setup.exe, put it on a bootable MS-DOS floppy drive and tweak
   the card.

Oh, BTW, I didn't see the SMC card in the 1.2.1 boot messages you


- H=E5vard