Subject: Re: N. logo doesn't have to be cute ?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/04/1997 23:35:34
> > Err, in this part of the world, a daemon (demon) is always bad, trying
> > to harm people.  The opposite is (I guess) an angel who protects people,
> > understands them etc.
> 	That's strange, the daemon was originally just a spirit that served its
> master.  I mean, really, do you think that little guy could harm anyone? 
> (picturing the 4.3 daemon).
> --
> Dustin Sallings <>

Somehow I doubt there are any documented cases of demon infestation because
of the 4.3BSD "daemon book" that thousands of people own.  Also, I'm not
aware of any spontaneous demon appearances related to the FreeBSD CDROMs.
I think we're safe with our cute little daemon, though I will admit my
daemons occasionally turn things into zombies.  Again I'm not sure if the
blame is entirely the daemon's, since usually the killing is restricted to
things that are infested with bugs.  I kill bugs myself, so I can't really
hold it against the daemon.  I do tend to get pissed when my daemons start
swapping things around heavily until they are either starved or exhausted.
Once and awhile my daemons swap things around so much that they can't get
them put back right.  Then they start pointing fingers and blaming each
other!  "It's vm's fault", "No, it's kernel's fault", "Hey, we all know
page is at fault."  Once things get this bad they usually have to be
referred to the Daemon Diagnostics Board, which tries to trace who was
at fault, but usually gives up and just calls for a reboot.

Other than those minor issues, my daemon is cool.

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