Subject: Re: check condition on first tape usage...
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/1997 17:48:19
>On Sun, 2 Nov 1997 14:59:55 -0800 (PST) 
> Matthew Jacob <> wrote:
> > Welll, I have a DAT hooked up to my AlphaPC164 and the initial tur is
> > repeated and things work okay for me. Can you do a SCSIVERBOSE message
> > output to me?
>Booted machine, inserted tape, did an "mt fsf 1":
>st0(aic0:5:0):  Check Condition on opcode 0x0
>    SENSE KEY:  Unit Attention
>     ASC/ASCQ:  Not Ready To Ready Transition (Medium May Have Changed)
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Yes, I've seen exactly the same thing shortly after booting:

Nov  3 11:44:37 MindBender /netbsd: st0(ahc0:2:0):  Check Condition on opcode 0x0
Nov  3 11:44:37 MindBender /netbsd:     SENSE KEY:  Unit Attention
Nov  3 11:44:37 MindBender /netbsd:      ASC/ASCQ:  Not Ready To Ready Transition (Medium May Have C

In addition, I've seen this during or after a backup session:

Nov  3 12:44:53 MindBender /netbsd: st0(ahc0:2:0):  Check Condition on opcode 0xa
Nov  3 12:44:53 MindBender /netbsd:     SENSE KEY:  No Additional Sense
Nov  3 12:44:53 MindBender /netbsd:      ASC/ASCQ:  ASC 0x82 ASCQ 0x82
Nov  3 12:44:53 MindBender /netbsd: 

My clean-tape light was on after I came in and checked this, so that
might have been the cause???

FWIW, its an IBM-branded Archive DDS-2 drive:

ahc0: target 2 synchronous at 5.0MHz, offset = 0xf
st0 at scsibus0 targ 2 lun 0: <ARCHIVE, IBM4326NP/RP  !D, 4.AC> SCSI2 1/sequential removable

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