Subject: Re: RealAudio
To: Colin Wood <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/1997 10:20:36
Colin Wood said:
> Fortunately, this recommendation should change a bit after the 1.3
> release.  We now have the majority (although a slim one) of 68k-based
> Macs working.  The long release cycle has affected other ports as well,
> tho.  The i386 port has seen significant improvements which required
> -current to take advantage of them (like bounce buffer support, atapi
> support, pcmcia support...)

Things like ATAPI and PCMCIA support went in relatively recently
(recently enough that somebody running -current to get their system
supported isn't particularly likely to be running them).  The bounce
buffering went in not _too_ long ago, as well.

I definitely think we need more frequent releases, but for a slightly
different reason:

Look at all of the 'modern hardware' ports which have been around (and
had releases built) for more than one or two releases (x86, sparc,
others?).  Look at the hardware supported by release N.  Try to buy
that hardware in, say, the 6 months preceeding release N+1.

At least on the x86, if you've got anything like a recent system, with
the current release schedule, you _have_ to put -current on it.  Now,
sure, PC hardware has a ridiculous rate of change, but more frequent
releases and real 'patch' releases (with minimal bits of new hardware
support) could make it possible to go out and buy a machine, and put
the latest release of NetBSD on it w/o worrying about -current.