Subject: Re: N. logo doesn't have to be cute ?
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/1997 10:16:49
Allen Briggs wrote:
> [ Gah.  A logo is important, I think, but it would be nice to just
>   find one and get on with development, eh? ]
> > I still envy the cute l*nux logo. ;-)
> I like the daemon myself, but I can understand why some people might
> not.  A logo does not need to be an animal.
> Sun and Microsoft certainly don't have an animal

Sun's logo is pretty neat, but I think that Microsoft's is a bit boring
(it does perfectly reflect Microsoft's products, tho...boring but
unquestionably there).

>, nor does Apple (and
> that little rainbow-colored Apple is a pretty good logo, Apple's
> situation notwithstanding)...  ;-)
> For animals, though, I like cats.  Generally, they're flexible,
> independent, fast, versatile, clean, cuddly.  Doesn't get into
Personally, I can't call any animal that licks itself for a bath really
"clean" ;-)  I don't know about cuddly, either.  Many cats I've known have
been a bit less than cuddly :-(

> the multi-architectural slant like octopus or spider, but doesn't
> have the "monster" stigma either.  I know some people hate cats
> with a passion, though.

Yeah, I'm more of a dog person, myself.  Hmmm...maybe we need an inanimate
logo instead, then, perhaps a big network of computers from different
platforms (although how you'd tell them apart, I don't know).


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