Subject: Re: NetBSD logo
To: maximum entropy <>
From: D. J. Vanecek <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/02/1997 07:47:58
> >From: "Tom T. Thai" <>
> >
> >I thought of this also, but the last time I post the logo question, most
> >feed back to me said they wanted the daemon.. for marketing purposes, the
> >daemon MAY not be a good idea... but if you care more about tradition..
> >then the daemon is it.. I also have some generic logo with no daemon in
> >it... I thought it was time to get away for the "daemon" theme...  but the
> >mass NetBSD users differ in opinion.
> I firmly believe that one of our strongest "marketing" points is that
> NetBSD is firmly rooted in the BSD tradition.  Keeping the daemon logo
> makes it clear that NetBSD *is* BSD UNIX, not some flimsly UNIXish
> clone OS.  You can count my vote along with the rest of the masses.

Me too ...   One of the reasons I'm running NetBSD on my
little stable of mules is that I from time to time study
the Unix system. Books (like Stevens' excellent tomes) give
me examples in SysV [shudder] or BSD. The examples all compile.
Trying them on a lLinux machine is a way to discover some of the
flaws in the Linux approach.

The original System 7 made it through education/academia. Why not
NetBSD? Free CD's to professors and grad students of computer science?

Keep the daemon. If the US Crazy Belt can tolerate the Sun Devils and
the BLue Devils (academic sports teams in the Southern US), and will
buy Devilled Ham and eat Devil's Food cake, well, by the beard of
Baalzebub, they can tolerate a cute little imp.

I have three machines without NetBSD. One with Linux: reason, floppy
tape support. Two Pmaxes: reason, out-of-date installation info at
the time (last August) that I installed OpenBSD on them. For business
reasons (somebody else's business :) I had to do the install over
a single weekend -- no time to find Mailing Lists, track down email
addresses, grep through archives... The O'BSD material was more
complete, and -- tsk tsk -- most of it was relabelled NetBSD product.

Had the recently revised Pmax Install Howto been around then, I would
have gone with NetBSD, since I was already running it on several i386's.

Oh, yeah,  somebody has got to write a disklabel HOWTO. Jeez, the misery
that can one program can engender. Also an exhaustive "coexisting with
Ultrix, Linux, SCO, Solaris, and the unmentionable OS's" would be a real
plus; the possibility of a test drive will draw testers! I would imagine
that the main requirement should be "I have 200MB of free disk space".

Random thought: the exUSSR is ripe for conquest. But the economics do
not favor the US$60 CDROM -- that's a month's pay. The network infrastructure
there (charges reminiscent of CompuServe of about 5 years ago -- and in
bux, not roubles) make ftp a real burden, in the general case.

O'Reilly Associates is busy with the USIA/Freenet/IREX project in exUSSR,
a well KOI-8'ed NETBSD CDROM with multiplatform support would be nice
to drop from airplanes over the countryside.  How to fund????