Subject: Re: Linux and FreeBSD support (was Re: RealAudio)
To: Tom T. Thai <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1997 21:36:22
Tom T. Thai wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Ted Lemon wrote:
> > 
> > > Having just sent a note arguing that designing logos isn't of critical
> > > importance, I will now make myself look like a COMPLETE IDIOT and argue that
> > > it is probably very useful.
> > 
> > And indeed, having a logo that looks significantly different from the
> > FreeBSD logo would be a help.   Tom's latest offering has that
> > quality, although I agree that it could use a little smoothing out.
> like I said, it was a rough draft! ;)
> see the latest one (still not finish)
> file:////DREAM/homes/public_html/netbsd_logo_motion.jpg

You might want to post a URL that people off of your server can read ;-)

However, combining this one with the last URL gives me the logo.  I like
this one the best so far...but the words do seem a bit spread out there any way to squish them together a bit more?


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