Subject: Isapnp and IRQ conflicts
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1997 15:51:55
I just installed a soundblaster 16 PnP, and it wants to default to IRQ 5.
Is there any way to get NetBSD to set it to something different?  From
what I've read in the sound blaster hardware programming guide, the
SBP_SET_IRQ and SBP_SET_DRQ mixer command don't work on the pnp models 
(they are read only).  I've verified this by building with sb on isa
instead of isapnp - and it fails with the error "sb0: setting irq mask 08x
failed, got 02x" - which makes sense.  It's the same sort of thing with
the drq - except that since my network card was on drq5, the kernel
paniced with an error about a duplicate drq (see kern/3968).

Anyway, I've moved my network card to a different DRQ, and I've removed my
modem (on IRQ 5).  Things are working, but I'd like very much for the
sound blaster to be on IRQ 10.  I notice in the isapnp code, the comment
above the isapnp_alloc_pin says that it doesn't do resource conflict
checks when allocating an IRQ/DRQ. 

I tried setting it to 10 in Win95, and then booting NetBSD (hoping the
card would now default to 10), but it went back to 5.  Is there any way at
all to get it to go to IRQ 10?  For NetBSD purposes, 5 is no good since
com2 defaults to IRQ 5.  How much havoc is it going to cause a new 1.3
user when they try to install and they have a sb pnp and modem on com 5? 
>From my experience, the system should be usable, but I doubt their modem
will work very well.  That DRQ problem should definantly also be fixed
before 1.3 (I see it's been untouched in the gnats database for 2 1/2
months now).  Lennart's patch seems to be working fine for me.


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