Subject: Re: What to do to widespread NetBSD ? (Was: Re: RealAudio)
To: Jaromir Dolecek <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/31/1997 11:26:06
> > 	3. doesn't have much content.
> I agree with this.

The NetBSD WWW pages' content is ... endlessly "amusing" to me.

A small number of people initially got together and created most of
the content that's there now.  I was one of them, and, after helping
to get the pages started, bowed out to spend my time on other things.
Since that time, some new features have been added and some
appearances have been changed (and, thankfully, some port maintainers
actually keep their pages up to date 8-), but, by and large, the meat
is the same.  There are no searchable mailing list archives.  There
are no on-line manual pages or documentation.  The pages that were
"under construction" when I handed off the web pages -- A COUPLE OF
YEARS AGO -- have not yet been finished.  The only 'neat' new feature
I can think of that's been added are the PR summaries...

The "amusing" thing about this is that N people have volunteered to
add various features to the web server, to make various improvements,
etc.  They've been put in a position (i.e. given accounts, authority,
etc.), where they can do the work that they signed up to do, but it
just never happens.  The most annoying thing to me that fell by the
wayside was searchable mailing list archives.  There was (at least
one) volunteer to do them, he was enabled to do them, and he never did.

Yes, I of all people understand about the nature of volunteer
projects, and about volunteers' time.  In this case (for once 8-),
however, it's not only the NetBSD project's leadership which is at
fault for the lack of useful content on the web pages.  A lot of
volunteers volunteered, then failed to produce.