Subject: Re: RealAudio
To: Tom T. Thai <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/1997 23:37:14
Unfortunately, Tom, it's not a case of "if you build it, they will
come" - if it were, we'd already have knocked FreeBSD flat, because we
have a better product.   Improving the areas where FreeBSD currently
beats us will make us equally attractive, but it's still a matter of
marketing, which we don't have and they do.   Linux has better
marketing still, as well as some for-profit companies selling it.

In order for NetBSD to supplant FreeBSD or Linux as a potential
porting target, we need to do a lot of marketing.   The hacking is
important, sure, but the marketing is key.   One of the reasons this
hasn't happened in the past, IMHO, is that the average NetBSD hacker,
me included, doesn't give a shit about marketing.   Until that
changes, I think we should be glad that FreeBSD emulation and Linux
emulation get us what we want, and not get all exercised about trying
to take over the world.