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Date: 10/27/1997 04:03:44
                       HOME-WORKERS NEEDED 
*Note: The following is an opportunity for those who wish and can
 earn a profitable income and is intended for SERIOUS reader's ONLY. 
 If you are NOT interested, you will NOT be sent anymore notice's of 
 any kind and can be removed and deleted from our mailing lists.
 Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience.
      Would you like to have a higher income each week, an extra $500 or
more? Are you tired of trying to make ends meet on your present income?
Do you find yourself envying your friends and neighbors because of the
things they have, like new cars, TV's, home entertainment centers, or
all the right clothes that you just can't seem to afford? Many people -
just like you, for one reason or another, are choosing to take advantage
of their spare time to make more money - extra money. With the economy
the way it is today, a family cannot make it on one paycheck a week. 
Whether you are a mother needing to stay home with your children, or 
a single man or woman needing a bigger and better income, we all have 
one thing in common. WE NEED MORE MONEY!
   Now you can make money by assembling products in the comfort of 
your own home, working at your own pace! Manufacturing and Distributing 
companies supply you with materials and easy-to-follow instructions, 
and pay you for completed work. They work across Canada and the United
States, everything is done through the mail, and these companies will 
even pay shipping and postage! These jobs are real and honest - you 
can earn an honest day's wage for an honest day's work! And it is so 
easy to get! You will be hired in your own home trough the mail - 
No Resumes, Experience, Selling or Running for Interviews! Work for 
several companies at one time. Let the whole family pitch in. Be your
own boss and choose your own hours. You must be honest and trustworthy.
   Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a job that let you work from
your own home, in your spare time? Where there's no need to rearrange 
your present schedule and miss those pleasures in life you so much 
enjoy. And best of all you'll receive steady paychecks each week. Your
time is worth much more than just $7.00 an hour, and your family life 
need not suffer with you being away from home. With no boss looking 
over your shoulder, you'll feel like you're being paid for doing a
hobby. While doing the kind of work you enjoy, you can watch your 
favorite TV shows and still make money. The whole family can get 
   We have all had hobbies in the past we wish we could have been paid 
for. Now there is a way we can earn money each week by doing these
hobbies. After extensive research, we have developed the Home 
Employment Directory - a comprehensive guide that lists dozens of 
companies that need your help, and pay you TOP DOLLARS. Many companies 
will actually train you to work for them.
               ***Here are just a few examples***
*Arts & Craft   *Newspaper Clipping    ASSEMBLY & MANUFACTURING OF:
*Computer Work  *Recording Video Tapes *Beaded Earrings *Stuffed Animals
*Hand Painting  *Sewing & Needlework   *Cloth Flowers   *Tote Bags
*Mail Processing *Survey Work          *Jewelry         *Toys & Gifts
*Data Entry      *Typing               *Plant Hangers   *Wood Products
                   ***NO SELLING REQUIRED***
   The companies offering home assembly do their own selling. All they
want you to do is follow their easy instructions, and pay you for the
completed work. You simply assemble their products or complete their 
home-work projects according to their instructions - and you'll get 
paid upon completion and return of the finished goods to the company. 
   Since people have a wide range of interest, The Home Employment
Directory also contains a large variety of home-business and home-sales
opportunities as well as regular work. Positions are identified by
category. If you don't want a position that requires any selling, 
simply ignore it and go on to those you are interested in - there 
are many to choose from!
           Below are just a few very brief descriptions
      of the type of assembly and clerical work available:  
* One agency offers typing, hand-addressing and other easy clerical
  work you can do from home to earn $500 a week!
* Earn up to $495 per week assembling beautiful and distinctive earrings
  for this company. They will provide easy and detailed instructions -
  no selling involved.
* Sew beautiful golf club covers for this growing company and earn up 
  to $421.50 weekly!
* Make Holiday gifts and decorations year round for a company that 
  will pay up to $450 weekly. Assemble oven mitts, pillows, ornaments, 
* One company will get you started in earning $625 or more per week 
  processing their mail!
* Assemble clown dolls for a company that will pay you $750 for your 
  complete work.
* All you need is a sewing machine to earn up to $350 a week by sewing
  nylon sports bags for this company!
                    ***ABOUT OUR DIRECTORY***
   The Home Employment Directory includes the name and address of each 
company with a full description  of the assembly or clerical work
offered. Our listings include a large assortment of companies and 
exciting home-work opportunities, the above is just a small sample 
of what's available. Our directory is a comprehensive up-to-date 
publication containing information on the most profitable opportunities 
available. Most of the assembly opportunities require no special
training, skills or equipment - just a sincere desire to get started.
Others require basic sewing, typing, writing, computer skills etc. 
Many companies will train you to work for them. They will provide you 
with instructions that are easy to understand, and projects that can 
be mastered quickly. All the opportunities are easy to get started in, 
and can be done either part-time or full time for excellent income!
                  ***NOW IT'S ALL UP TO YOU***
   These companies NEED YOU. They want you to be able to earn a large
income from home, and pay you handsomely for your efforts. What more 
could you ask for? The only way on earth that these jobs will work for
you is... if you do it! 
   Similar guides are sold by others for $29.99 and more, but our Home
Employment Directory is yours for only $18.00. With some of the 
opportunities we have listed in our directory, you can make that much 
money in one hour or less. to receive your copy trough first class mail, 
fill in the order form below, and mail it along with $18.00 plus $2.00 
shipping & handling ($20.00 total). Please don't delay - don't let 
someone else take YOUR work-at-home job away from you!
      ($18.00 plus $2.00 shipping & Handling, U.S.funds)   
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