Subject: Re: supkit
To: (noud de brouwer), Ross Harvey <>
From: I presume I need no introduction. <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/25/1997 21:39:22
noud de brouwer sez:
 * >Unless given the -k option, sup goes by its own history database and
 * >doesn't even look at your files.  Unpack the tar files as root with the
 * >"p" option first, then do your first sup with -k.

Uh, you mean the '-o' option, not '-k'; '-k' means 'keep; don't delete
stuff sup says to delete'.  '-o' means 'old' (for some reason), but
what it translates to is "check date and timestamps of files against
the supdate and request those files".

 * after tar xfvzp sys.tar.gz and sup -fvsk
 * same results..
 * SUP Requesting changes since Dec 31 16:00:00 1969
 * (guess it will sup next 3hours on the sup -vsk)
 * sup does tell it's updating alle the fiels in src/sys
 * but i'm not sure if it's really supping/transporting
 * the file; goes relatively fast as if it's updating the
 * files description i.s.o. the file itself

-f means 'fake'; don't really update, just say what it WOULD do if
you were giving it license to do so.

 * night all,
 * ~n

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