Subject: Re: scsi tape 'Not Ready to Ready Transition'
To: Rafal Boni <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/21/1997 08:23:43
On Mon, Oct 20, 1997 at 10:10:32PM -0400, Rafal Boni wrote:
> -> I get the following scsi check condition on every first access to the tape 
> -> after a tape change:
> [...not ready error...]
> My machine in a Pentium, running a kernel and mt (and dump) from yesterday,
> but with the rest of userland untouched.  My Exabyte hangs off a Compaq
> AIC-6x60 card.

I have the same problem under NetBSD 1.2, i386, NCR810, and a Sony DAT
drive.  Well, sometimes I can change tapes without getting the error, but
I do get it pretty often.  It would be nice if this could be fixed somehow.



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