Subject: Re: pccons/pcvt and X interaction problems
To: Bob Nestor <>
From: Current Users <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/21/1997 03:47:19
On Sat 18 Oct, Bob Nestor wrote:
> Lonhyn T. Jasinskyj <> wrote:
> >Has anyone experienced the following problem (on an x86):
> >
> >When the console is pccons (i.e. pc0) the X server will completely
> >hang (no mouse or keyboard input) after some amount of time (not usage
> >dependent it seems), usually within 10 minutes to an hour.
> Yes! I see this running NetBSD 1.2 on my Gateway Pentium 133.  At first I 
> thought it was the mouse, so I switched from a Bus mouse to a Serial 
> mouse.  Then I tried changing the keyborad timeouts on the Gateway 
> keyboard.  As I recall I've seen the same thing with FreeBSD 2.1 on the 
> same system which is what lead me to believe it was some funky Gateway 
> hardware problem. The machine is still up and running though and I've 
> always been able to telnet in from some other system when this happens.
> Is there a lot of common code in the pccons module used by both BSD 
> systems?  Is it really possible there's a bug in this code that is 
> causing the problem?

This is probably related to a problem I saw on my Compaq LTE 5000,
and that I posted a couple of months ago. My problem seems very
similar to what you describe, but it vanished when I removed the
pms0 from the kernel config file.

I have not yet tried using X or a mouse on this PC, as I normally
just use it for tracking current and getting to know the system.

Kjetil B.