Subject: Problems getting netatalk to work
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: William O Ferry <WOFerry+@CMU.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 10/20/1997 12:49:29
    I noticed after suping (10/18) that the i386 GENERIC had options
NETATALK on, so I figured after installing this kernel I'd try
installing the userland code.  So I grabbed the sources from, compiled them and installed them (without kerberos or
AFS support until I get a afpserver principal password).  When I try
running rc.atalk, this is what I get:

starting appletalk daemons:AppleTalk not up! Child exited with 1.
 atalkdOct 20 12:40:38 Warp atalkd[6704]: setifaddr: de0: File exists
nbp_rgstr: Connection timed out
Can't register Warp:Workstation@*
nbp_rgstr: Connection timed out
Can't register Warp:netatalk@*
 nbprgstr papdOct 20 12:40:54 Warp papd[6728]: No such printer: lp
Oct 20 12:40:54 Warp papd[6728]: printcap problem: lp
Oct 20 12:41:02 Warp papd[6728]: can't register Warp:LaserWriter@*
Oct 20 12:41:02 Warp afpd[6731]: Can't register Warp:AFPServer@*

    Any idea why atalkd would say that AppleTalk wasn't up?  I did add
the netatalk services to my /etc/services, although there is an echo at
7/tcp & 7/udp, and now an echo at 4/ddp.  I wasn't sure if this was a
problem, so I commented out the echo 7's, and still get the above error.

    I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks!

                                                          Will Ferry

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