Subject: Re: pccons/pcvt and X interaction problems
To: Lonhyn T. Jasinskyj <>
From: Matthieu Herrb <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/1997 13:20:30
You wrote (in your message from Fri 17)
 > Has anyone experienced the following problem (on an x86):
 > When the console is pccons (i.e. pc0) the X server will completely
 > hang (no mouse or keyboard input) after some amount of time (not usage
 > dependent it seems), usually within 10 minutes to an hour. If I use a
 > pcvt (vt0) console then all of these problems vanish.

Are you using xdm ? if so you need to disable the getty from ttyv0 in
/etc/ttys (and send a HUP signal to init).
Several other people have reported the same kind of problems, but I
can't reproduce it, and I never saw any other possible solution
mentionned here.

 > Another issue:
 > When building X with PCVT support (PCVT_SUPPORT defined in
 > by default) the build will try to include "machine/pcvt_ioctl.h",
 > however, when one builds NetBSD the various pcvt*.h files do not get
 > installed include /usr/include/machine. Should they be?

See XFree86's README.NetBSD, section 8.2 :

Hope this helps.