Subject: Re: Package problems with perl5 package?
To: the Riz <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/1997 01:24:35
> ===>  Building package for perl-5.00401
> Creating package perl-5.00401.tgz
> Registering depends:.
> Creating gzip'd tar ball in '/tmp/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/perl-5.00401.tgz'
> tar: can't add file bin/sperl5.00401 : No such file or directory
> tar: can't add file lib/perl5/<$ARCH>-netbsd/5.00401/CORE/EXTERN.h : No
> such file or directory
> tar: can't add file lib/perl5/<$ARCH>-netbsd/5.00401/CORE/INTERN.h : No
> such file or directory
> tar: can't add file lib/perl5/<$ARCH>-netbsd/5.00401/CORE/XSUB.h : No such
> file or directory
> [many pages deleted]
> This, of course, corresponds to lines in the PLIST file of the form:
> lib/perl5/<$ARCH>-netbsd/5.00401/CORE/EXTERN.h
> lib/perl5/<$ARCH>-netbsd/5.00401/CORE/INTERN.h
> lib/perl5/<$ARCH>-netbsd/5.00401/CORE/XSUB.h
> lib/perl5/<$ARCH>-netbsd/5.00401/CORE/av.h

Johnny Chi-Lung Lam <> writes
> I think you need to update /usr/share/mk/  There were some
> changes from a week or two ago dealing with the ARCH substitutions.

Just to clean up some loose ends here:

Johnny's quite right - you need to keep /usr/share/mk up-to-date
if you're using the package system. Thanks, Johnny.

And for those of us who prefer to upgrade in bits, rather than the
one-fell-swoop "make build" type approach, please keep an eye on the
/usr/src/usr.sbin/pkg_install, as some changes went in this week which,
among other things, add some new functionality (which isn't yet used in
the pkgsrc tree, but might be at some later date).

In general, the pkgsrc tree is aimed at -current. If you're running
something older, you may well have to upgrade some of 


(thanks to Michael Richardson for this list), and there may be others, too,
and I can't guarantee any success. In particular, there was a bug in
remove(3) that was fixed recently which you might find when attempting a
pkg_delete on an installed package which contains symbolic links.

If you want to sup the pkgsrc tree, then release=pkgsrc is the
appropriate field you might like to have in your sup file. (It seems
there are also daily tarfiles being made at the moment, too).

I've used an i386 to check the pkgsrc stuff which I've done, and I think
Hubert's been using an amiga, but certainly nothing as macho as an alpha
has been tried. Your input is welcome, as are any other people who'd like
to test out the packages on different systems.