Subject: Re: Do we have anyone from core on this team I don't recognize any names.
To: None <>
From: Chuck Cranor <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/13/1997 21:24:32
>> Do we have anyone from core on this team?

>I did a quick web search for the names on his list.
>> Marc Ewing,
>Works at RedHat.
  [ etc ...]
>I don't see anyone from FreeBSD there.
>I don't see anyone from NetBSD there.
>I don't know who is at BSDI, but none of those people seem to have any
>affiliation with BSDI.  
>using, of course, the GNU C library.


	the names in the posting are just the "86open steering committee"
members, not the entire group of people who have been involved in 

	from netbsd, both cgd and myself are on the main mailing list
(and i was invited to the first meeting but couldn't go because it
was Cal. and i live in new jersey).   no core though.

	from freebsd, jkh has been involved on the mailing list.

	openbsd was invited to participate in the project but they
decided not to.

	i'm not sure who, if anyone, from BSDI is involved.

	the GNU C lib is not required, it is just one reference lib
that is being worked with.   i suspect that if 86open flies the BSD
folk will have a BSD-based option.

	from what i have seen of the group, it would be
possible for me to be much more active in it if i had the time
to spare.  [i.e. i don't think i would be excluded just because
i am a BSD person].   it would prob. be a good idea to get someone
who likes to work on userland/standards and has some spare time to 
monitor this effort.   i would suggest jtc, but it isn't clear to me
that he has any spare time.